The Rainbow is a beautiful natural phenomenon; knowing the significance of each of the colours of the Rainbow makes it even more beautiful. While nature has created this glorious natural phenomenon; we have given a meaning to its colours. We have a selection of extraordinary venues each with their own unique identity. 

Each is individual with a collection of strong personalities giving each venue its own character, identity and charisma. The venues never stand alone, we have a strong family spirit with a mutual respect and understanding for each other. In our diversity there is beauty and there is strength. Diversity is the magic. It is the first manifestation, the first beginning of the differentiation of a thing and of simple identity. The greater the diversity, the greater the perfection. Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.


The Warehouse

29 Lower Trinity Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B9 4AG

The Rainbow Warehouse exhibits a vast Victorian raw brickwork warehouse space used for multi-purpose events including live shows, club events, filming location and a classic film cinema. The urban design and vast ceilings create an intense electric feel that is echoed onto the Mezzanine. The elongated bar immersed into the right wall compliments the inner warehouse; a smaller capacity adjoining room with low ceilings and dusky red lighting.


The Blackbox

29 Lower Trinity Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B9 4AG

The most unique of all our spaces, The Blackbox provides a truly immersive dance-floor experience, the perfect contrast to The Warehouse. The venue’s low ceilings enclose the space, whilst it’s defining, state-of-the-art strip lighting shimmers above you. Every detail has been finely tuned to create this flawless clubbing environment and the sound- system is the best The Rainbow has to offer, a quad Martin Audio set-up surrounds you, engulfing you in pristine sound. A venue where you can truly lose yourself on the dance-floor.

The Roof Garden

29 Lower Trinity Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B9 4AG

The Roof Garden is one of our most noteworthy spaces and is one of the most distinctive hot-spots in the city. Accessible via The Warehouse and The Blackbox it is a communal, outdoor space nestled beside the grand, black- brick, Victorian railway arch. It provides breathtaking, panoramic, skyline views, a site you can’t find anywhere else in the city. In the summer it’s the perfect sun-trap and every evening the sun sets, disappearing into the horizon of your metropolitan playground.


27 Lower Trinity Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B9 4AG

Fabfit is an extreme pop-up. Every experience will surpass the last. Nothing will be fixed-in whilst we work hard behind closed doors to bring you a custom built live venue in 2018.

The Arena

29 Lower Trinity Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B9 4AG

The Arena is an old builder’s merchant yard situated adjacent to the disused Railway line that runs through the heart of Digbeth and under the over-reaching curve of The Rainbow’s embrace. Lined with deep Victorian Railway arches this open-air venue submerges you into an electric atmosphere reminiscent of The Coliseum whose amphitheatre architectures it mimics.

The Car Park

Lower Trinity Street

The Car Park houses stages for our full site takeovers for our signature festivals MADE and Chapter. By day the space is the main car park for our neighbours The Custard Factory, but twice a year it becomes an integral part of our full festival site, with the MADE festival street art backdrop.


Unit 2, Lower Trinity Street, Birmingham, B9 4AG

Spotlight is a quirky single room bar & event space built underneath one of Digbeth’s many Victorian Railway Arches. With cherry red leather chesterfield sofas and sturdy steel bar stools, tables and chairs Spotlight is a comfortable place to hang out despite it’s Industrial feel. The various pieces of art around the venue give Spotlight the feel of a venue that wouldn’t be out of place in London’s trendy Shoreditch. Spotlight has cemented it’s place as the #1 after work destination in Birmingham on a Friday with “Digbeth Dining Club” which recently won Best Street Food Event at the British Street Food Awards.

Mama Roux’s

Unit 3, Lower Trinity Street, Birmingham, B9 4AG

Mama Roux’s was born from a love for New Orleans and Deep South America. It is Digbeth’s brand new venue and the home of Digbeth Dining Club next door to Spotlight. This vivacious New Orleans themed venue boasts an array of comfortable seating throughout including booths for hire and Mama Roux’s Voodoo Lounge. Plus it is home to a weekly Saturday night show featuring well selected performances on Mama Roux’s stage including live bands, Burlesque shows, carnival dancers, actors and entertainers.

Cafe Colette

Unit 5, Lower Trinity Street, Birmingham, B9 4AG

Cafe Colette was inspired by a trip to Brooklyn earlier in the year. Designed by the creative heads behind STAX Creations, this bar will be a stunning addition to Lower Trinity Street. It will open it’s doors fofr the very first time on Friday August 18th, adjacent to the reknown Mama Roux’s and Spotlight – known best as the home of Digbeth Dining Club, and an intimate yet diverse live music venue. Expect glorious surroundings, exquisite drinks and service as we embrace art deco and the roaring 20s.


Unit 4, Lower Trinity Street, Birmingham, B9 4AG

The new home of pop up’s on Lower Trinity Street. A complete blank canvas beneath Digbeth’s signature viaducts, the space houses art galleries, pop up restaurants, concept events and more.

The Hangar

Holding its own as a truly unique venue in the heart of industrial Birmingham. Lose yourself in an aircraft hangar adjacent to a well preserved Victorian canal. Year of decay has served its time on this space and has effortlessly aged its facade. It’s raw, natural aesthetics will position this alfresco delight alongside the legendary terraces of the world. You can’t buy character.  It creates itself.

Cellar Door

50 Adderley Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B9 4ED

Cellar Door is a moody atmospheric space that enjoys a sparse minimal feel to its decor and lighting. Stripped brickwork and a dreamscape corridor that leads you to a room where no cameras are permitted. Prepare for an onslaught of beats that you experience in the acoustic box with a visual masterpiece that you can’t share on social media

Bromley Street

The Cattle House

160 Digbeth High Street, Birmingham

Digbeth is the birthplace of Birmingham’s industrial revolution. The Rainbow Pub was at the heart of this, steeped in history, and an integral part of the story behind the notorious Birmingham gang, the Peaky Blinders. More recently, it’s known across the city as an iconic music venue, having played host to local favourites UB40 and internationally recognised artists like Joss Stone. The Cattle House now sets to re-alight the flame in one of the cities’ most loved buildings, with a new 20 year lease, becoming a new hub for the ever growing nearby residents, with 10 boutique bedrooms, a deli, eatery and bar. Completion in 2020.


The Brutalist

Units 3-4, Lower Severn Street, Birmingham City Centre

The Brutalist pays homage in its design to Birmingham’s late 1960’s architecture, especially the old library, that has a special place in Birmingham’s heart. Designed and built to a precision finish, with concrete being the main material used, this 90 seater bar is in the heart of the second city’s bustling nightlife quarter and is just minutes away from Grand Central, The Bullring and The Mailbox. Set for completion summer 2018.​​




Annie Mac has always has a fond affiliation with The Rainbow Venues. From playing on a beach under a viaduct to large scale festivals in The Arena. AMP is an annual delight.


Bassline in all its form has always been celebrated as one of the most fun and party-starting sounds to have emerged from the UK. BASSFEST is the UK’s biggest bassline festival


The British Street Food Awards constitutes of the best streed food vendors from aross the UK who compete in five regional heats. A fierce battle will commence with the 17 top selected street food vendors for the coveted title of best street food in the UK.

As well as an array of delicious food from the competitors, the weekend event will feature live music, quizzes and more. The public can cast votes for their favourite street food vendor but a judging panel formed by the UKs top chefs and the BSFA founder.


Carnival Magnifico is the Rio themed colour explosion that is taking venues and festivals by storm. Known for their endless streams of confetti and quaking bass, it combines the vibe of the Rio street carnival with the hedonistic heydays of early raves.


Celebrating the past, present and future of dance music, food and art, Chapter Festival is held across a number of unique, industrial spaces and sees influential labels from the worlds of house, techno and more come to Birmingham. The annual birthday celebration of underground music also encompasses an art exhibition, six carefully selected award-winning food traders and more, making it the most comprehensive and accomplished of its sort in the UK. A metropolitan festival like no other, set against the unique backdrop of Birmingham’s Victorian’ railway arches.


City of Colours is an urban arts company which specialises in graffiti and street art, creative writing, break dancing and spoken word and has a “community interest mission”. More than 120 artists use the industrialised area Digbeth as a blank canvas, to turn into an outdoor gallery. An urban arts company which specialises in graffiti and street art, creative writing, break dancing and spoken word and has a “community interest mission”.


A pioneering, 360 degree cultural experience which takes in music, food, art and design across various rooms and outdoor spaces around Digbeth. This festival will open up your mind.


A celebration of dance music, arts and culture taking place across Digbeth’s entertainment district. Working alongside key partners and artists in Birmingham’s music scene, MADE Festival showcases Birmingham’s reputation as a diverse, imaginative and groundbreaking creative hub.

MADE Festival is a combination of daytime and nighttime events, spanning over the whole weekend. The day events take place across the sprawling, multi-purpose musical empire of The Rainbow Venues’ 11 spaces, including the 4999 capacity license car park, Victorian warehouses, Lower Trinity Street and the only arena in the UK with a semi-permanent big top tent on concrete!


A Vintage music, burlesque and circus festival. Produced by the team behind Shambala Festival and curated by Birmingham’s own Electric Swing Circus, Swingamajig. Music, dance, cabaret, walkabout, art installations, street food, performance and more feature at the one day urban festival that opens at 2.00pm and has an after party that follows until the early morning.


The Midlands biggest Halloween party where thousands of nightmarish creatures hit the streets for our annual Halloween festival The Haunting. Expect a huge line-up of superstar DJ talent across five completely transformed rooms, including haunted circus, black magic, voodoo witchcraft and loads more terrifying treats.

Over 50 actors, acrobats and performers join us on for this ghastly occasion creating a theatrical show unlike anywhere else.






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