Resident Mix 003 • Shadow City Soundsystem - The Rainbow Venues


Resident Mix 003 • Shadow City Soundsystem

Over the last six years, Birmingham based Shadow City Soundsystem have built up an impressive amount of support with their Shadow City events at The Rainbow Venues.

Ahead of recording their exclusive resident mix (below), we caught up to the underground quartet to find out more about the guys behind the Shadow City Soundsystem name:

Who are you?

 A collective called Shadow City Soundsystem – Max Williams, Alex Wynne Hughes, Jake Bridge and Tom Storey.

What event at The Rainbow Venues are you a resident for?

From 2010, we’ve been throwing parties under the event name Shadow City at The Rainbow Venues (which is where we DJ also).

We try and differentiate from sounds that already have been pushed in Birmingham and constantly aim to bring something new to the table.

The Shadow City ethos is to make the most of our support artists. We always book up-and-coming acts on shows with headline DJs, who are great but seldom bookings in the UK. Our events are all about not booking up something that’s been done before.

Over the past six years we have had the privilege of DJing besides  Jackmaster, Leon Vynehall, Jasper James, Denis Sulta, Swamp 81, Detroit Swindle at our own parties and some absolutely dynamite collabs with other brands, such as Leftfoot.

How did you guys get into DJing? Where did you learn your skills?

We all come from a band background and often performed live. We still love the live music sound of things but acquired an equal love for dance music. We all produce music and play the tracks out in our sets.

How would you describe the Shadow City Soundsystem sound?

With there being four of us (with slightly different tastes in music), it’s often reflected in the music we tend to play. Collectively, Shadow City Soundsystem is just some good party music with a few twists and turns. It’s always a fun time playing because we never really plan our sets too much either.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Be nice to everyone and never fall asleep in The Morgue (an old space inside The Warehouse).

What piece of equipment would you most like to own?

We are big on hardware and synthesisers. Prophet-5 would be a dream.

With there being 4 of you, have you ever thought about bringing something else to your mixes?

We can all play instruments, so something live would be cool! There’s been some investments in difference pieces of kit for production as well but we haven’t made a focus to bring this into a show (yet). We really appreciate artists like Four Tet, Bonobo, David August and the like for their live PA sets so could may well be a future prospect for Shadow City Sounsystem.

What are we going to see from you in the remainder of 2016?

We just had a show with Motor City Drum Ensemble and Move D, which sold out in a week and absolutely went off!

Denis Sulta is the next show on October 21st with Marquis Hawkes alongside. So stoked for this!

We’ve got a few collabs with our Leftoot friends coming up – always great to host some wicked line ups with them! In December, we have a huge show with Bicep, Joy Orbison, Hunee, Gilles Peterson and O’Flynn. Again, had an amazing response for this and genuinely thrilled to be involved with it.

It’s our 6th birthday soon so we are working with a clothing brand to bring out some cool merchandise – keep an eye out!

What does The Rainbow Venues mean to you?

It’s been our second home for longer than we can remember. We all love what we do and The Rainbow has been the perfect hub for us growing up and perfecting that.

We have seen faces come and go, met some incredible characters and working with the incredible team behind the scenes has been a pleasure

Looking forward to seeing what’s around the corner and a massive thank you to everyone behind the scenes who make The Rainbow Venues tick! Hope you like the mix!!

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