Resident Mix 001 • Brandon Ross - The Rainbow Venues


Resident Mix 001 • Brandon Ross

Brandon Ross kicks off our brand new The Rainbow Venues resident mix series.

We caught up with the local Birmingham boy ahead of his exclusive and inaugural mix for The Rainbow Venues resident monthly sessions to find out where he pulls his inspiration from and more.

Listen to the Brandon Ross mix below!

Who are ya?

My name is Brandon Ross and I’m an underground house DJ from Birmingham, who likes a cold glass of Vodka Red bull on the odd occasion.

What event at The Rainbow Venues you a resident for?

I am a 02:31/10:31 resident DJ. I’ll be playing at the new rooftop garden parties all through summer!

How did you get into DJing? Where did you learn your skills from? Self-taught or education?

Around four years ago I used to hand out flyers and promote for a small club in Birmingham, so found myself out every weekend. Inevitably, in that time, I met a hell of a lot of people and got to see a lot of DJs perform – a lot of local dons, like Hannah Wants, Chris Lorenzo, Tom Shorterz etc. I started to get the bug for music and attended more events at The Rainbow Venues.

My girlfriend bought me my first decks for my birthday (thank you, Hayley) and soon after, I left promoting to self-teach myself in my bedroom. I had some really embarrassing first sets but my passion led me through and now I’m lucky enough to be a resident at one of the biggest clubs in the Midlands.

How would you describe the music you play?

Solid, underground beats.

How do you get inspired?

Birmingham inspires me a lot and the people here. There are so many amazing events every weekend. The people involved and the amount of great DJs that come to play in the city. It’s amazing to see how far Birmingham has come over the years and to see my good friends getting signed to labels, or touring the world. It inspires me to push myself more.

What’s been the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

My dad told me to give 100% in everything I do. Life is short and I need to make the most of it. Thanks dad!

Who’s your musical hero and why?

Bloody hell, this is a hard one. I grew up listening to Grime music – the likes of Skepta, Wiley etc. To see how far they have come with their sell out shows and global tours just shows that good music will always push through. The Grime gods are my musical heroes because they always stuck at what they wanted and it worked out well.

What piece of equipment would you most like to own?

I’m yet to upgrade my old decks. I wouldn’t mind a pair of Pioneer CDJ 2000s and 900 Nexus mixer. Maybe Hayley can buy these too…

What are we going to see from you in 2016?

This year, it’s all about me making music and playing as many events as possible. I can’t wait!

What does The Rainbow Venues mean to you?

The Rainbow Venues has given me a platform to be able to showcase my passion and love for playing music. I will always be grateful for the chance I have been given here over the years. Thanks so much!

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