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MADE: 5 Minutes with Lady Leshurr

Fast-rising Birmingham rapper Lady Leshurr became an internet sensation after her Queen’s Speech series broke YouTube. Recently tipped as The Guardian’s one to watch, the quaint and mischievously voiced MC returns home for a performance at this year’s MADE Birmingham festival. We quickly caught up with Lady Leshurr ahead of the gig:

Where did your artist name come from?

My brother’s friend started calling me Lady L so that was my name for a bit until I made a song at the age of 16 called Lady Leshurr and it stuck from there.

How has Birmingham influenced your success?

Not influenced as such. More just being proud I’m from outside of London and proved it is possible to make it from anywhere.

How has the reaction in Birmingham been to your success?

The reaction has been very nice, people are very supportive.

How do festivals like MADE Birmingham help to put Birmingham on the map as a musically talented city?

It gives Birmingham artists the opportunity to perform in their hometown and show the other artists from outside of London what Birmingham really has to offer. It’s also great in general to have events like this occur in Brum as not many do.

What’s your festival survival tactic?

Salmon and salad before any show always does the trick for me!

How do you prepare for a performance in front of thousands at a festival?

I don’t usually prepare. I just go out here have fun win the people and bring the energy and vibes. As long as I give the right energy to the crowd it will be a great show.

Is there a piece of advice you wish you could have given yourself years ago?

Be a bit more hard on myself and put myself first before anyone else, as selfish as that sounds. I’ve delayed a lot of my time due to helping other people instead of myself. It taught me lessons but I could’ve been in a different position years before.

Is there a particular genre of music that has influenced your sound?

Reggae. Only because that’s the first genre I heard that made me want to write in the first place. I have Caribbean heritage so it’s only right to involve my background into my music. But I do listen to any and every genre for different types of inspiration.

If you could perform with anyone, who would it be and why?

Lil Wayne. The reason I perform the way I do is solely because of him. His energy confidence and ability to win the crowd over has been a great way to connect with the crowd and I can just imagine how much fun we would have coming on stage on a skateboard and just having fun with the audience.

 What are your top three tracks at the moment to play/listen to?

Jeremiah ft Juicy J & Twista -Woosah

Lil Wayne ft John Legend – So Special

Rihanna ft Drake – Work

 Tell us a weird fact about yourself

I used to have 11 fingers. I had a finger that had fingernail and skin no bone and my mom wrapped string around it and pulled it off when I was a baby. I wish I had a say because I would’ve kept it!


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