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CHAPTER XII INTERVIEW: New York Transit Authority

New York Transit Authority has easily become one of the most sought after producers and DJs in underground, UK music. 95 and his Tun Up remix, were the anthem of 2014, with all other releases by NYTA on the Lobster Boy label helping push his reputation to where it is now.

We caught up with one of Bristol’s most diverse DJ’s ahead of his Chapter XII festival performance on March 26th in Birmingham.

What were some of your highlights of 2015? 

I think it would have to be the release of my NYTA EP. I’d worked on the track Watching for ages and was real proud of the EP as a whole. My gig highlight would probably be when Who Cares? – the club night I run with a small collective of other artists and creatives from Bristol – hosted our own stage at Love Saves The Day festival and our takeover at Glastonbury Festival.

You’ve had your name on a fair share of line-ups in the past. How’s your festival season looking for 2016? 

I’ll be doing Love Saves The Day & Glastonbury with my Who Cares? crew, plus a string of other DJ sets across the summer. I’m looking forward to it!

You’re on the roster to play on the Lobster Boy stage at Chapter XII festival. The line-up is huge…

Yeah! I mean, the last time I played in Birmingham, it was with EZ & Craze. I always seem to play with a great selection of artists when I’m in Brum. Chapter XII is perfect for where I’m at the moment though, in terms of my music because lots of good House & Techno will get played and danced too. Lobster Boy isn’t just the label I’m on – it’s like family to me. I’ve known Redlight since I was 16, Pasteman was the first person to book me in Leeds way back in 2010 and Melé & I have known each other from our early DJing days. Mella Dee is a badman selecta too, so I enjoy playing on this tour with them.

It went off when you played at Seedy Sonics and 10:31 previously in Birmingham… what tunes are you really rating at the moment?

I’m getting back into my Techno house music so I’m really looking forward to playing at Chapter XII but all of my sets vary and you never know what you’re going to get with me when I play.

Where do you get your influence from?

My musical influences vary from my mum’s record collection to having lost nights out in random clubs and festivals across Europe. I think that I draw my biggest influence from life experiences though, which is why I try to keep finding and trying new things. Travelling is a key part of my life and I think it plays a big part in my music.

You’ve got some heavyweight EP’s behind your name. Have you got any forthcoming releases or projects that you’re working on that we can look forward to?

Yes – I’m currently working on a new EP for Lobster Boy and I’m really excited about two of the current tracks I’m writing at the moment for it. In 2015, I was making a lot of Hip Hop and Grime music but now, I’m very much focused back on that NYTA genre and coming back with an evolved sound.

New York Transit Authority will be performing on the Lobster Boy stage at Chapter XII, alongside Redlight, Preditah, Mella Dee, Melé and Mak & Pasteman.

Tickets for Chapter XII festival are available to buy here 

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