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Crate Digging 01 – Tom Shorterz

We caught up with Tom Shorterz ahead of his Birmingham set at Portal 26th December 2015. Tom Shorterz is renowned for is electric taste in music especially when it comes to his record collection which spans from timeless classic gems to some of the most sort after bombs. We asked Tom to talk us through some of his favourites as well as we can expect him to play on the night when he gets to play a little bit different than usual.

Liz – Torress – Don’t Let Love Pass You By (Get Down Mix)

Liz Torres as a vocalist is someone who always stands out on a record , I used to be obsessed with a record she did called ‘Can’t Get Enough’ where she sings in Spanish over a house beat but then I came across this track , I love all the versions on this 1992 release  but I think the ‘Get Down Mix’ edges it.

Eddie S – Give ya Love

Freeze Records for me have always put out solid house music I could list release after release and most of which still fits today timeless music for sure. This one is by Eddie S.

Mecca – Herbal Essense

I would try play this early doors in a club it really sets the pace but any time in my house hold will I play this record it’s a smooth jam from ‘Mecca’ on the legendary label Strictly Rhythm.

Peace Division – Club Therapy (Dan Ghenacia Remix)

I missed this track first time round in 2013 when it came out and heard it again the other week it’s pure magic as always from Ghenacia and will be something I defiantly play in my set at Portal works wonders on the dance floor.

Ron & Chez D – Untitled 1

You put Ron Trent & Chez Damier in the Studio your going to come out with solid gold. And thats exactly what they have done here . Real House music !!!

Paranoid London – Eating Glue

I was lucky to get this double LP when it dropped it sounds so raw and rough but thats what gives it that feeling this will always find a place on the dance floor when I get to play more underground.

Soul Capsule – Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)

If theres ever a record I’m tore between 2 sides whats the best it’s this release but the NYC Sunrise mix just takes you on a journey does what it says on the tin …. perfect for the sunrise.

Greg Stainer – My Mind

Now this is a track and a half , I think it captures the UK underground sound of 1997 skippy drums classic Garage stabs solid four to the floor tune with plenty of punch on the dance floor.

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