CHAPTER XII: PAN-POT - The Rainbow Venues



Pan-Pot - Chapter XII - The Rainbow Venues

Berlin-based DJ and production duo Pan-Pot have unfalteringly evolved over the last decade into one of the best in electronic dance music.

Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix make up the techno power pair and reached their popular ranking soon after the release of their first album Pan-O-Rama in 2007.

Pan-Pot’s status doesn’t just derive from their productions. The techno veterans spend an unnumbered amount of hours in the studio, remixing or creating original work, while continuously touring around the world.

On top of relentless touring, their releases on Mobilee, Watergate Records and more recently, Second State – Pan-Pot’s own label – has equipped them with the tenacity to adapt their performances and create a show with a buzz.

Catch Pan-Pot playing in The Car Park Arena at Chapter XII festival on Saturday, March 26th.

Tickets for Chapter XII are available to buy here 

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